How Much Is Butterfly Sewing Machine In Lagos? & Where to Buy!

For individuals searching for a dependable and efficient sewing machine, a butterfly sewing machine is a popular option. But what is the price in Lagos, Nigeria?

The cost of a butterfly sewing machine in Lagos varies depending on several aspects, including the model, features, and store. In Lagos, you may anticipate paying between NGN 79,000 and NGN 90,000 for a butterfly sewing machine.

If you want a simple model with basic features, you could expect to pay toward the bottom of this pricing range. However, if you want a more complex device with more features and capabilities, you will have to pay at the higher end of this price range.

To ensure you’re getting the greatest bargain on a butterfly sewing machine in Lagos, check around and compare costs at different vendors. To choose the best sewing machine for your needs and budget, read reviews and conduct research on the many types and brands available.

This article examines butterfly sewing machine prices in Nigeria and the factors to consider before purchasing.

Butterfly Sewing Machine Price In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the butterfly sewing machine costs ₦79,000.

While the price of a reasonably used sewing machine in Nigeria is determined by the machine’s functioning condition and negotiation.

Sewing machines of many types are utilized in commercial settings. There are various brands of these devices, and their prices and degrees of quality vary substantially.

Types Of Butterfly Sewing Machines

The 10 types of butterfly sewing machines in Nigeria include:

  • Butterfly Automatic and Manual Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Black Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Eclectic Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly High Tech Electronic Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Home Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Zig Zag Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Industrial Zig Zag Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine
  • Butterfly Industrial Weaving Sewing Machine

How Much Is Butterfly Sewing Machine In Lagos

Considerations Before Purchasing a Butterfly Sewing Machine

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a butterfly sewing machine.

  • Cost

The first thing you should consider is your financial status.

What you intend to do with the sewing machine will determine which type of sewing machine is best suited to your needs.

There is no reason for beginners to invest in highly expensive sewing machines with a plethora of capabilities unless they have sufficient cash to cover such expenses.

  • Stitches

Another feature of the sewing machine that you should examine is the stitch option.

Both automatic and electronic sewing machines frequently have a straight stitch feature, but electronic sewing machines can also execute zigzag stitches and other sorts of stitches.

  • Manual Or Electronic

Because electronic sewing machines are frequently more expensive than manual sewing machines, your financial budget will have a considerable impact on your selection.

Electronic sewing machines, on the other hand, may execute jobs in a more organized and timely manner.

Additional Features

Some sewing machines include extra features that considerably simplify the sewing process.

It is important to remember, however, that adding these extra functions will raise the cost of the machine.

Where Can I Purchase a Butterfly Sewing Machine?

The shops listed below are where you can get your butterfly sewing machine.

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  • Suppliers and Distributors

If you live in a large city like Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt, you will have no trouble finding a dealer who sells butterfly sewing machines in any of these cities’ clothing material marketplaces.

Whether you do not live in one of these areas, you must go to a clothing material market near you and ask if there are any dealers or providers of the machine there.

  • Online Platforms

Butterfly sewing machines can be purchased through online marketplaces such as Jumia and Konga.

This is a much easier decision to make. However, their pricing may be deemed slightly exaggerated, and you will also be responsible for paying the delivery expenses.

Also, if you want to buy a used butterfly sewing machine, you should look for a store that specializes in used products, both online and in person.

How Much Is Butterfly Sewing Machine Head?

If you’re in the market for a Butterfly sewing machine, you might be wondering how much a machine head would cost you. The truth is that the cost of a Butterfly sewing machine head varies greatly based on the model, age, and condition of the machine.

It ranges in price from N80,000 to N200,000.

In general, a Butterfly sewing machine head will cost you between a few hundred and several thousand naira. A variety of criteria, including the machine’s features and capabilities, as well as its overall condition, might influence the price. A newer, more complex model, for example, maybe more expensive than an older, basic machine.

How To Know Original Butterfly Sewing Machine

One way to tell if a sewing machine is an original Butterfly model is to look for the manufacturer’s logo and branding on the machine. The Singer Sewing Company owned the Butterfly brand; hence you may notice a Singer logo or the phrase “Singer” on the machine. You can also try searching for the machine’s serial number and using web tools to identify the manufacturer and model. Keep in mind that sewing machines can be modified or altered over time, so determining if a machine is an original Butterfly model based merely on its look or other physical qualities may be difficult.

Is Butterfly Sewing Machine Good?

Butterfly sewing machines are generally well-regarded for their durability and reliability.

How Much Is a Fairly Used Butterfly Sewing Machine?

A fairly used butterfly sewing machine in Nigeria ranges from N40,000 to N70,000.

Finishing Up

A butterfly sewing machine price in Nigeria is reasonable and highly suggested if you need a machine that is easy to use. In general, a newer, well-maintained Butterfly sewing machine should be a good choice for basic sewing tasks.

It is strongly advised to purchase a machine locally and establish a relationship with your local vendor.

One of their specialties is matching you with the appropriate butterfly sewing machine.

Do some research on the specific product you want to buy to assist you to make a reasonable purchasing decision and find out if the seller/supplier sells a genuine butterfly sewing machine.

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